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About The Doctor

Melissa Hemelt, MD - Education

1991 - Undergraduate-LSU Baton Rouge
Bachelor of Basic Sciences

1998 - Doctor of Medicine-LSUMC New Orleans

2001 - 3 year Internal Medicine Residency
LSUMC New Orleans

2001 - Board Certification in Internal Medicine

About Dr Melissa Hemelt

Advanced Medical Weight Loss was founded in 2006 by Dr. Melissa Hemelt, MD. During her residency she became interested in bariatric medicine and focused on the intricate details of how the human body gains and loses weight. Upon completion of her training she decided to apply the knowledge she acquired to help people attain a more healthy lifestyle. One of the greatest rewards has been the joy she experiences when her patients work diligently and achieve their goal.

Dr Melissa has over a decade of experience helping people just like you achieve their weight loss goals and maintain their new healthy life style.

The practice of bariatric medicine is a complex one that encompasses treating the overweight or obese patient with compassion and providing them with the tools necessary to change their lives in a meaningful and successful way.

What most people don't realize about obesity is that there are both physical and psychological components that need to be addressed in order to be successful at losing weight. The Advanced Medical Weight Loss program addresses both components through nutritional education, the use of FDA approved medications, and supportive counseling to help you safely and efficiently achieve your goals.

Through our monthly office visits your progress will be monitored and you will receive instructional counseling directly from Dr Melissa. This will allow you to reinforce patterns of success and implement any changes necessary for continued weight loss and maintenance of a healthier lifestyle.

**Once you reach your goal, Dr Melissa will continue to monitor, guide, and motivate you to maintain the nutritional and lifestyle changes that will keep the weight off.

So if you are ready to feel and look your best, call our weight loss clinic in Slidell at 985-641-7747. You can and will be successful!

Melissa Hemelt, MD
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